North Midway Under 14

Chris Howard took the under 14s down to Sheffield recently.  There were some good performances all round and his report follows:

A young and inexperienced team comprised Emily Harrison, Lexie Howard, Hannah Lee and Anna Railton, Andrew Howard, George Moran, Ben Mathewson and Gabriel Rodda.  Indeed five of these players had represented the county Under 12s at Largs only last May (seems a long time ago!).

Nine teams entered, representing: Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire. The draw, out of a hat- (plastic bag) left us an up-hill task in our first group, playing Yorkshire 1 and Cheshire.

Getting off to a good start against Yorkshire, with both Andrew and Lexie winning their singles games, we eventually lost 8-2. The team produced some very tight games, especially from the pairing of George /Gabriel and Hannah/Anna. The Yorkshire coach praised the effort of the whole team for holding on and competing, being involved in some long rallies. Next up was Cheshire. There were some very exciting and close games, with Hannah/Anna losing to 20. Emily and Lexie provided us with two excellent singles wins but were unable to pull off the doubles, narrowly losing.

We were now placed in a group of 3rd placed teams.  Improving all the time and gaining confidence, they magnificently beat Lancs 2 and the games we lost were very close.  Last up Yorkshire 2: the team support, motivation and effort really paid off. Andrew/Gabriel lost their doubles 20/21 with the shuttle appearing to be out but just clipped the outer line. George/Ben fought well for their 21/18 and Gabriel/Anna finished the day with a brilliant 21/20.

                        Match 1                        vs Yorkshire 1              N’land              Opposition

Singles             Andrew                         Elisah                           21                     20

                        Ben                              Harry                            7                      21

                        Emily                            Abby                             12                     21

                        Lexie                            Louise                           21                     15

Doubles            Andrew/Ben                   Will/Harry                      8                      21

                        George/Gabriel              Elisah/Oliver                  16                     21

                        Emily/Lexie                   Abby/Beth                     12                     21

                        Hannah/Anna                 Anna/Ananya                 17                     21

Mixed               George/Hannah              Anna CS/ Bradley          10                     21

                        Gabriel/Anna                 Ananya/Oliver                13                     21                    

                                                                                                YorKshire won 8-2

                        Match 2                        vs Cheshire                  N’land              Opposition

Singles             Andrew                         Owen Edward                12                     21

                        George                          Nicolai                          11                     21

                        Emily                            Alisha                           21                     13

                        Lexie                            Daisy                            21                     13

Doubles            Andrew/Ben                   Owen/Alex                    10                     21

                        George/Gabriel              Nicolai/Max                   12                     21

                        Emily/Lexie                   Alisha/Daisy                  17                     21

                        Hannah/Anna                 Helena/Katie                  20                     21

Mixed               Ben/Hannah                  Alex/Helena                   12                     21

                        Gabriel/Anna                 Max/Katie                     15                     21

                                                                                                Cheshire won 8-2

Group 3 play off


                        Match 3                        vs Lancashire 2                        N’land              Opposition

Singles             Andrew                         Tolver                            16                     21

                        George                          Daniel                           21                     17

                        Emily                            Emma                           21                     5

                        Lexie                            Eva                               21                     9         

Doubles            Andrew/Gabriel              Tolver/Daniel                  18                     21

                        George/Ben                   Matthew/Jack                21                     16

                        Emily/Lexie                   Emma/Eva                    16                     21

                        Hannah/Anna                 Chloe/Nicole                  21                     11

Mixed               Ben/Hannah                  Matthew/ Chloe  18                     21

                        Gabriel/Anna                 Jack/Nicole                   21                     14

                                                                                                Northumberland won 6-4


                        Match 4                        vs Yorkshire 2              N’land              Opposition

Singles             Andrew                         Thomas                         21                     9

                        George                          Sarn                             21                     18

                        Emily                            Izzy                              21                     7

                        Lexie                            Megan                          21                     5

Doubles            Andrew/Gabriel              Sarn/Joe                       20                     21

                        George/Ben                   Michael/Thomas            21                     18

                        Emily/Lexie                   Natalie/Adele                 21                     5

                        Hannah/Anna                 Megan/Izzy                   21                     9

Mixed               Ben/Hannah                  Michael/Adele                7                      21

                        Gabriel/Anna                 Joe/Natalie                    21                     20

                                                                                                Northumberland won 8-2

Well done and thanks to all the parents who travelled and provided brilliant support.

Chris Howard

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