Upcoming Level 1 coaching course in Newcastle


The Foundation Coach Award is the starting point for people who would like to get into coaching badminton and become a coaching assistant. This course will teach learners to:

  • Lead fun games, activities and tournaments
  • Support a Level 2 Coach in the delivery of sessions
  • Deliver Badminton England programmes such as: No Strings, SmashUp! & The Racket Pack Lite
  • Effectively support the development of clubs/sessions
  • Maximise the participant experience

Foundation Award (Level 1) for Assistant Coaches in Badminton – Northumbria University, Newcastle

Course information:

* All learners must be aged 16 or over on the first day of the course.

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BE Updated Return to play Guidance – 17th May

  • Organised group activity for adults can restart with maximum group sizes of 16 (both singles & doubles is allowed). You are able to have more than 16 players in the hall, as long as players are grouped into bubbles of up to 16 (e.g. if you had 20 players attending a session, you could group them into two groups of 10 or a group of 12 and a group of 8 etc – as long as each group does not exceed 16 players). If you have 16 players or less attending a session, everyone can mix in and play together.
  • For coaching sessions, the coach is counted as one of the 16 players so it’s a ratio of 1 coach to 15 players (for both adults & juniors). If you have more than one coach at a session you can have more than 15 players, as long as they are grouped into bubbles of no more than 15 (e.g. 1 coach = maximum of 15 players at the session, 2 coaches = maximum of 30 players at the session) – this will also depend on the rules of your facility as some facilities may cap the numbers allowed in their sports halls.
  • For recreational/social play (people just booking a court to play with friends), the rule of 6 still applies. The rule of 16 is only for sessions organised by clubs, coaches or No Strings Co-ordinators.

Venues are required to operate a maximum capacity of 100 sq ft per person and guidance takes this into account for playing badminton. However, you should check the capacity with the venue and, if you allow spectators to attend, they count towards and must meet the capacity requirements.

This roughly equates to 8 people per court (so in a 4 court sports hall you could have a maximum of 32 players, grouped into 2 bubbles of 16 – one bubble of 16 across 2 courts and the other bubble of 16 across the other 2 courts).

As with all the other stages of Return to Play, clubs should have a COVID-19 Officer, complete a COVID risk assessment and have a booking system in place for sessions.

For more information, the full guidance and downloadable resources please visit: https://www.badmintonengland.co.uk/return-to-play/

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Badminton England 2021 National Players’ Survey

Badminton England have developed the 2021 National Players’ Survey which is the largest player consultation undertaken within our sport. They want to hear from players at all levels of the game and your responses will be invaluable in improving the experiences of players within our sport.

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and everyone who completes the survey, and leaves their name and email address, will be entered into a prize draw with the opportunity to win one of ten £50 Amazon vouchers.

CLICK HERE to complete the National Players’ Survey!

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BE Return to Play guidance

From 12th April, indoor badminton can begin to restart for the following groups and with these restrictions:

  • Clubs and coaching sessions for juniors (aged 18 & under) and for disabled players are able to restart (singles and doubles is permitted) with a maximum group size of 15 (ratio of 1 coach to 15 players) – if there is than one coach at a session, there can be more than 15 players, as long as they are grouped into bubbles of no more than 15 (e.g. 1 coach = maximum of 15 players at the session, 2 coaches = maximum of 30 players at the session)
  • Coaches can deliver 1-to-1 sessions to both juniors and adults (and they can also coach a household together e.g. a coach could give a lesson to 2 or 3 people who all live with each other) – there is no limit on the number of sessions a coach can deliver in one day
  • Junior recreational/social play is not permitted, juniors have to be playing in a session organised by a club or coach (e.g. a group of under 18s cannot just book a court themselves and play)
  • Adults are only able to play with others from their own household or support bubble (unless they are having a 1-to-1 lesson with a qualified coach)

Full details and an updated Return to Play Roadmap can be found by visiting: https://www.badmintonengland.co.uk/return-to-play/

The Government will be releasing guidance for sport one week prior to the dates that the rules are due to change so Badminton England should receive the guidance for the next stage during the week commencing 10th May (where it will then come into effect on 17th May). This stage is expected to allow adults to start playing again with others from outside their household, enabling adult clubs and No Strings sessions to restart (with players grouped into bubbles of up to 6).

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Badminton England COVID-19 Hardship Fund

The Badminton England COVID-19 Hardship Fund is now open for applications!

The Hardship Fund is designed to help affiliated clubs and registered coaches restart activity after the enforced shutdown. It will prioritise those experiencing short term financial hardship and who have genuine concerns with being able to make sessions financially viable or facing the potential ceasing of operations.

Grants of up £500 per club/coach are available (one application per club/coach).

Badminton England expect demand will outweigh the funds available so all applications will be assessed by a panel that includes Badminton England staff and individuals from the wider badminton community. The panel will meet weekly to assess applications with applicants notified of decisions within 14 days of applying.

The deadline for submitting an application is Sunday 30th August.

Visit: https://www.badmintonengland.co.uk/return-to-play/covid-19-hardship-fund/ for full information and CLICK HERE to access to the online funding application form.

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Badminton England Return To Play Guidance – June 2020

Badminton England have now released the guidance for ‘Phase 2’ of the Return to Play guidelines, which includes indoor badminton.
While they’re still waiting for a formal announcement from the Government on exactly when and how indoor sports facilities can re-open, it did reiterate its ambition to open the sport and leisure sector from 4th July.
Badminton England therefore want to give the badminton community as much time as possible, and all the resources required, to prepare for a return.

CLICK HERE to access the full resource bank of Return To Play information which includes:

  • Guidance documents for clubs, coaches & players
  • Infographics for Return To Play with key messages
  • Frequently Asked Questions with their accompanying answers
  • Downloadable resources, tools & support

Key Messages:
• Players from different households can play singles in groups of us to 6, as long as 2m social distancing is adhered to. You can have more than one group in a hall (this depends on the space available, your ability to maintain social distancing and the venue’s rules on the maximum numbers of people allowed in the sports hall) and players can rotate within their group but social distancing must be maintained and players cannot move groups within a session.
• Players within a group of 6 are able to share shuttles but no other equipment (e.g. rackets) can be shared between players
• If you are playing with people from a different household, only singles is allowed and there is no play at the net in the forecourt area, this is out of bounds in order to maintain social distancing
• You cannot play doubles unless each pair are from the same household. If both pairs are from different households, the forecourt area at the net is out of bounds (the same as singles with someone from outside your household)
• If you are playing with all people from the same household, you can play singles & doubles
• All equipment (e.g. shuttles) must be cleaned thoroughly after sessions
• Coaches can deliver sessions for up to 5 players from different households as long as the 2m social distancing is maintained. Players cannot move groups within a session, you can have more than one group in a hall but a coach cannot coach or lead the session for a second group in the same hall at the same time. However, two coaches could lead simultaneous sessions on adjacent courts. Coaches are permitted to coach one group and then coach another group afterwards.
• All clubs wishing to restart (and coaches starting to deliver sessions again) must appoint a COVID-19 Officer, must take bookings for sessions (players are not just able to turn up – our Discover Badminton tool is available for clubs to use to set up sessions, take bookings & payments) and must complete a COVID-19 specific risk assessment

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Coronavirus Update

A number of emails have gone out to our junior players and clubs in the last couple of days.  It will come as no surprise to you that all official badminton activity is stopping as of now, although the Tyneside Badminton Centre remains open, for the time being at least.  If you have entered any tournaments sanctioned by BE that have now been cancelled, you should check the situation on refunds with the tournament organiser.

Unfortunately, the end-of-season Presentations for both the Seniors and the Juniors will have to be deferred – we hope that will not be for too long.

The Events calendar on this website shows the junior team events and tournaments that have now been cancelled.

Keep safe and healthy everyone!


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U18 Shires v Derby

Our Under 18 team travelled to Pontefract, a neutral venue, for this fixture against Derbyshire.  The team was Sonny Ho, Matty Grant, Ollie Edmundson, Kaleb Canon, Ellen Davison, Charlotte Graham, Natalie Ho and Teeda Prapunwong. 

They were managed by Karen Davison and this is her report. Continue reading

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U16s in Close Shires Loss v Yorks2

Our Under 16 Shires team played Yorkshire 2 today at Pontefract.  This is team manager Joel Dodd’s report:-

The team was Ollie Edmondson, Jack Tilbury, Hugh Twelves, Xuehan Zhang, Lucy Dodd, Amy Ward and Eve Beechinor-Collins. A late drop out due to overnight illness meant the team was one player down and unfortunately therefore 4:0 down before starting.

The mixed doubles was first with Ollie and Lucy securing a comfortable 2 end win against the Yorkshire first pair (21:9 21:13). The other Northumberland pairs found the opposition too strong and both lost in 2 ends.

In the boys singles there were good wins for Jack (22:20 21:16) and Xuehan (21:14 21:18). Ollie was really unlucky not to get a win, agonisingly losing 25:23 in the 3rd end. Hugh fought hard but was beaten in 2 ends.  The girls singles all went Northumberland’s way, with excellent 2-end wins for all three of our girls, Lucy, Amy and Eve.

The Yorkshire boys edged the doubles 3:1, with a 21:19 third end win for the No 1 pair against Ollie and Jack ultimately proving the winning match for Yorkshire. Northumberland’s only win was Ollie and Jack against the Yorkshire 2nd pair.  Lucy and Amy won both of their doubles to leave the overall result 11:9 to Yorkshire.

Northumberland leading 9:7 on matches played but the 4 conceded rubbers gave Yorkshire the win. In the circumstances, this was a very creditable result.

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Under 14s v Yorkshire 1

On 1st March, the under 14 Northumberland badminton team played against the Yorkshire 1st team at Tyneside Badminton Centre. The team was Naomi Silva, Chalida Prapunwong, Sophie Cockett, Jasmine Osborn, Ryan Cockett, Oliver Heron, Matthew Jefferson and Thomas Vicente.  

They were managed by Gillian Cockett and this is her report.  Continue reading

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