How to

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Create a BE profile / get your BE number

Follow step-by-step here.

Head to the Badminton England – JustGo website and create a profile.

This will give you a Badminton England affiliation number (BEUK1234567) – please note that you will need this number to enter Badminton England tournaments (please allow a couple of hours between signing up and entering for the system to update).

Enter a Badminton England Tournament

Follow step-by-step here.

Head to the Badminton England Tournament Software – here is where you will find all upcoming tournaments.

Login using your Badminton England credentials.

Select tournaments, the search the age grade you wish to enter.

Still Stuck?

What to do next.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Northumberland Badminton Association Junior County Co-ordinator & Performance Coaching Co-ordinator.