Under 17 Anglo-Scottish weekend

Our Juniors’ first team event of the new season was the Under 17 Anglo-Scottish which took place last weekend at TBC.  This is the report from Karen Davison who did another great job managing the team.

Northumberland’s  team was:  Natalie Ho, Charlotte Graham, Ellen Davison, Amy Ward, Anna Kroot, Erin Macintosh, Lucy Dodd;  Finlay Smith, Tom Bodani, Jai Nayyar, James Dodd, Matty Grant, Dominic Wilson-Baker, Mark Walker.

The first match was against a very strong and experienced Lothian.  We managed some high scores in all disciplines but were unable to secure a win.  Special mention to Erin & Anna who were able to take an end and fought a very close third end eventually losing out 11-10.  This was an amazing game considering they had never met each other before and it was Erin’s first time at playing for her County.  The team were a little disappointed just to pick up the one end after playing so well, but were determined not to let this dampen their spirits.

Next up was Lanarkshire.  The mixed partnerships of Tim/Charlotte, James/Ellen and Matty/Amy were able to pick up all 3 matches.  Girls and boys singles were tough games for Natalie, Anna, Erin, Finlay, Jai and Dom.  Some close matches were played but Lanarkshire won all these games.  Moving on to the girls doubles Charlotte/Natalie narrowly missed out on taking their game to 3 ends.  Ellen/Lucy won their doubles, Amy/Anna took the game to 3 ends and won 11-9……a fantastic result for them considering they had not played together before.  We managed to pick up all 3 boys’ doubles matches with the partnerships of Tim/Finlay, Jai/James and Mark/Dom and these made the final score in this closely fought match 8-7 to Northumberland.  A brilliant result!

The last match on Saturday was against Cheshire.  Tim/Charlotte played a very tense and exciting match and won 11-10 in the third end.  This match took so long that all other games had finished and we were all on the edge of our seats supporting them.  Ellen/James narrowly missed out on taking their match to 3 ends, losing 21-20, 21-16.  Jai/Natalie had high scores too, but going into the singles Northumberland were down 2-1.  Lucy/Anna/Erin were unlucky in their singles, but played some experienced girls.  Finlay/Matty/Mark played the boys’ singles games and scored well, but we were only able to secure one win with Matty being successful in his game, taking it 11-6 in the third end.    The girls’ doubles saw Amy/Anna secure another good win 21-20, 21-17 and the partnerships of Charlotte/Natalie and Ellen/Lucy were very unlucky not to have pushed their games to a third end.  The boys’ partnerships of Tim/Finlay, James/Matty & Dom/Mark resulted in 2 out of 3 games won.  The final score was Cheshire 10, Northumberland 5, but this score by no means reflected the competitiveness of this match.

On the Sunday, Team Northumberland weren’t due on court until lunchtime and only had one game to play which was against Cumbria.  The team were a little tired from the previous day, but managed to get off to a great start picking up all 3 mixed matches.  Partnerships of Tim/Charlotte, James/Ellen and Dom/Natalie played to their strengths to secure the wins.  The girls’ singles saw Lucy and Anna win their matches and Amy was extremely unlucky not to take her game to a 3 ends in a very closely fought match.  The boys’ singles were very tough for Northumberland and we were unable to pick up an end.  The girls’ doubles were next and Northumberland picked up all 3 games.  Going into the boys’ doubles we were winning 8-4.  The partnerships of Tim/Finlay, Matty/James and Dom/Jai saw some tight games and Matty/James were very unlucky in the 3rd end.  Dom/Jai managed to secure the only win in this round.  The final score of a very closely fought match was Northumberland 9 – Cumbria 6.

I am proud to have managed this team of Northumberland stars.  The fact the team finished in third place overall is testament to how far these players have come, both individually and collectively.  Their development has been enhanced by their training at the County’s Performance Centre and playing in senior clubs.  They encouraged and supported each other throughout the whole weekend. 

My thanks to the players, to their parents for their support all weekend and to Anna Railton, Sarah Bambrick and Jamie Tinnion for their coaching advice to the team.


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