Junior Restricted Results

Our Junior County Championships took place at the weekend.  A fuller report will be produced soon (time permitting) but these were the winners and runners-up:-

AGE GROUP                                      WINNERS                                            RUNNERS-UP
Under 13
Boys singles                       Ryan Cockett                                  Thomas Vicente
Boys doubles                     Ryan Cockett & Jake Moir           Thomas Vicente & George Butler
(it is hoped to play the girls events and mixed doubles later in the season)

Under 15
Boys singles                      Jack Tilbury                                     Ollie Edmondson
Girls singles                      Charlotte Graham                           Ellen Davison
Boys doubles                    Ollie Edmondson & Jack Tilbury Ryan Cockett & Xuehan Zhang
Girls doubles                    Charlotte Graham & Amy Ward  Lucy Dodd & Ellen Davison
Mixed doubles                  Ollie Edmondson & Lucy Dodd   Jack Tilbury & Charlotte Graham

Under 17
Boys singles                      Tim Bodani                                       Finlay Smith
Girls singles                      Lucy Dodd                                        Ellen Davison
Boys doubles                    Tim Bodani & Matthew Short      James Dodd & Finlay Smith
Girls doubles                    Charlotte Graham & Amy Ward  Lucy Dodd & Ellen Davison
Mixed doubles                 Tim Bodani & Charlotte Graham Dom W-Baker & Ellen Davison

Under 19
Boys singles                      Melvin Cherian                                 Finlay Smith
Girls singles                      Lucy Dodd                                         Charlotte Graham
Boys doubles                    Arif Alam & Melvin Cherian          Tom Cox & Jai Nayyar
Girls doubles                    Lucy Dodd & Ellen Davison         Charlotte Graham & Abby Grogan
Mixed doubles                 Finlay Smith & Charlotte Graham  Matthew Grant & Ellen Davison


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