Walk for the Juniors

Our county juniors are holding a fund-raiser on Sunday 16th July with a sponsored walk from Newburn along the riverside path to Wylam and back.  The relatively modest target is to raise £500 to support the team squads for practices and travel to away matches.

Courts, coaching, shuttles and travel are unavoidable costs of our sport of badminton and if we can bring extra funds into our county association, this will relieve pressure on our parents. Perhaps more importantly, it may enable us to involve players from families that have less financial freedom and, if this appeal goes well, we may even be able to develop this further and set up some form of bursary to provide more specific assistance.

We are also very keen to inspire more younger players, particularly girls, to become active in badminton throughout our county area. A fund to help provide good coaching for an increased number of local satellite groups would be invaluable.

Anyone who would like to join us on the walk is urged to contact Richard Taylor and if you feel able to contribute and sponsor the walkers, please go to our Just Giving page at


Many thanks.

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