Under 18 Shires v Yorkshire 1

An early start was necessary last Sunday for our U18 team and the parents travelling down to Pontefract to play Yorkshire 1st.  Managed by Karen Daison and Daniel Tinnion, the team was:
Tim Bodani, Finlay Smith, Sonny Ho, Matty Grant, Charlotte Graham, Lucy Dodd, Ellen Davison and Natalie Ho 

This is Karen’s report on the match


This was always going to be a tough fixture but the team were up for the challenge and always enjoy the whole aspect of a day away.  Northumberland started off quite slowly in the mixed, with shots and rallies not going how the players would have wanted them too, but the second ends were a lot more competitive and some high scores were gained.  Tim/Charlotte played a tense and tactical mixed game against Yorks 1st pair narrowly losing 26-28 in the first and then to 17 in the second, but a good performance from our regular successful pair.

Boys singles was particularly hard for the Northumberland boys with Yorkshire winning all four games in two ends; Finlay and Matty managed high teens scores, but Yorkshire were just too strong and experienced at this discipline.  Girls singles was just as difficult for our team, with Lucy pushing to 19 in the 2nd game.  All the girls played well but were unable to secure a win.

The Northumberland team excelled in their doubles games with Sonny/Matty pushing their first game to a 3rd end and were unlucky not to capitalise on this in their second game.  Tim/Finlay played an exciting 2nd end losing 22-20, before playing an exceptional game of level doubles to push their opponents to a 3rd end, a fantastic match to watch if you were a neutral supporter: Northumberland triumphantly came through the 3rd end winning 21-16 and giving the team their first win of the day.  Well deserved.

The girls all performed well in their doubles, with Charlotte/Natalie playing some good, competitive rallies but being unable to find the win.  Lucy/Ellen managed a 3rd end game against Yorkshire’s 1st seeds, playing tactically and moving well around each other, demonstrating their knowledge of the game, but were unlucky losing to 15 in the 3rd;  they then played a close match losing 17 and 22-20.

The final score was Northumberland 1 Yorkshire 1st 19 … the end result certainly didn’t reflect the standard of some of the games played.  Our team played with lots of determination and courage against very experienced opponents.  I was pleased with the performance of all the team and mention must be made of our girls, two of whom are 14 years old and one only 12 year old.  Stepping up to compete at this U18 level is something we should be proud of.

Thank you to the team, Daniel Tinnion for his coaching support and to the parents who helped transport the team to this match.



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