Shires Double-Header at Under 16 v Yorkshire

The U16 team travelled down to York by train for this double header against Yorkshire 1st and 3rd teams.  This is manager Karen Davison’s report on the day.  Karen was assisted by Micky Walker.

Team Northumberland:  Tim Bodani, James Dodd, Dominic Wilson-Baker, Mark Walker, Charlotte Graham, Ellen Davison, Teeda Prapunwong, Eve Beechinor-Collins  

We played Yorkshire 3rd team in the morning and began with the mixed doubles.  Tim/Ellen were unlucky not to push their game to a 3rd end losing 23-21;  Charlotte/James took their game to a 3rd end, narrowly missing out, losing to 16;  Dominic/Eve were unable to to seal their win;  Mark/Teeda (who had never played together before) took their game to 3 ends and were successful winning to 16.  Northumberland picked up only one game in the mixed disciplines, but this was not a reflection of the games played.

The boys singles resulted in 3 games being won out of the 4 matches, Tim winning his game in 3 ends.  Our girls were unable to find the win, but had some high scoring ends.  The girls all played well and gave good performances.

Boys doubles;  James/Tim, who play together for a senior club,  picked up both their matches in two ends.  Mark/Dominic won one game quite comfortably and lost the other with quite high scores.  In the girls doubles, Ellen/Charlotte won both of their matches convincingly; Eve/Teeda, their first time playing together,  had some good scores, but lots of experience was gained by playing this level.

The final score was Northumberland 9 – Yorkshire 3’s 11

After lunch we played Yorkshire 1st team and knew this was going to be a very difficult and challenging afternoon of badminton.  The team was unchanged from this morning as we were pleased with their performance.  Team Northumberland were unable to find a win from their extremely tough mixed matches, but the players competed well in the rallies and scored high points.

Boys singles, again high points, but unable to find the win.  Tim lost 20-22 & 18-21 to the 5th seed in the country;  Mark nearly pushed his game to a 3rd end losing 22-20 in the 2nd.  Girls singles, playing for Yorkshire was the top seed in the country at her age group, so very tough game for Charlotte;  Ellen nearly took her game to a 3rd end losing 22-20 in the 2nd.  Teeda and Eve had tough games too, but performed well.

Boys Doubles – Tim/James won both of their games against tough opponents;  Mark/Dominic were very unlucky not to win their games, taking one to a 3rd end and the other game high scores.  Northumberland boys played so well, their experience of playing and training could be seen throughout the rallies and these matches were very competitive and tense for those of us watching!

Girls Doubles – Charlotte/Ellen played well pushing the scores high in both games but were unable to gain the win;  Teeda/Eve fought well but were unsuccessful against strong girls pairings.

The final score was Northumberland 2 – Yorkshire 1st 18

We had an enjoyable day with this team.  A couple of the girls had stepped in at short notice for injured or unavailable payers and two of the team were poorly, but they showed their strength together as a team and on the court produced some good, consistent badminton.  They are all part of the Performance Centre/Futures squads and their hard work in developing their play so they are competing with these tougher counties shone through.  Well done Team Northumberland!



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