North Midway Under 14

A young and very inexperienced team travelled down to Sheffield on a foggy 1st November for the first round in the Under 14 event.  With three of the boys completely new to competitive badminton outside the county area and bolstered by two of our friends from Durham, this was always likely to be a difficult day’s play.  The results are almost irrelevant: suffice it to say that we came away with a win in the last match against Lancashire 2.  The more important factor was that the players will have gained so much from this taste of more serious competition.  They all competed well, tried hard, bonded as a unit and all seemed to come away with a determination to build on the day’s experience.
The team was Maddy Atkinson,Sarah Bambrick, Rachel Bogan & Phoebe Caffrey; Melvin Cherian, Matthew Jerdan, Christian Sharp, Neil Shi & Ben Walker.
And don’t they look great in the new junior team shirt!


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