Great Results from our Junior Bronze tournaments

A fuller report will follow (if the Tournament Secretary can find the time!) but the trumpets need to be blown for our local medal winners:-Under 13:
WINNERS – girls singles, Hannah Lee; boys doubles, Andrew Howard (with Andrew Hogg of Scotland); girls doubles, Zoe Beamson of Durham (with Keira Waddell of Scotland)
SILVER MEDALS – girls doubles, Hannah Lee & Anna Railton; mixed doubles, Anna Railton & Andrew Howard.

Under 15:
WINNERS – boys singles, Ashraf Alam; girls singles, Ella Hodgson (Durham); boys doubles, Gyan Chadda & Ben Leslie; girls doubles, Sarah Wilson & Ella Hodgson; mixed doubles, Sarah Wilson & Jonathan Elsdon
SILVER MEDALS – girls singles, Sarah Wilson; boys singles, Gyan Chadda; girls doubles, Lexie Howard & Emily Harrison; mixed doubles, Emily Harrison & Gyan Chadda
BRONZE MEDALS – girls singles, Emily Harrison; boys singles, Jonathan Elsdon & Murray Wright (of Durham); boys doubles, Matthew Charteries & Andrew Howard; girls doubles, Ellie Roberts (with Keira Waddell of Scotland).

Under 17:
WINNERS – mixed doubles, Sarah Wilson & Jonathan Elsdon
SILVER MEDALS – boys singles, Murray Wright (Durham)
BRONZE MEDALS – mixed doubles, Annie Karn & David Murray.

Great results – well done to all the successful players: and indeed to all our players who took part as there was an excellent local entry.

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