Coaching Tip for January


Direction of lifting at Singles

If you are under pressure at singles at the net, one option of course is to lift the shuttle and you logically have 2 basic options: straight or cross-court.

If you lift straight, it can help you to get back into the rally because the base position you will need to adopt is towards the centre, but on the same side of the court as where you are coming from. As this isn’t a long distance, it gives you the opportunity to regain your balance and potentially get back into the rally.This is shown in diagram A below.

If you do lift cross-court, then diagram B illustrates how you have further to travel to reach an ideal base that covers your opponent’s probable replies. Clearly you are going to have to work harder if you lift cross-court more.

So no cross-court lifting in singles then?

Of course this doesn’t mean you can’t, or shouldn’t lift cross-court, both for variation or when your opponent is out of position. However it’s probably a positive habit to lift   straight at singles more often than cross-court. If you do lift cross-court consider lifting a little higher so you can make it to across to your ideal base.

How can I practice this?

Simplez! Play a few practice games where you don’t allow yourself to lift cross-court. You don’t have to tell your opponent. Then play again where lifts in both directions are allowed and see how your awareness of your shot selection has improved.

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