Anglo-Scottish Under 18/19

The first of the Anglo-Scottish League fixtures  was held over the weekend of 24/25th September.  The weekend was run by Foong Tham and was for Under 18/19s from four English counties and four regions from north of the border.  Being one girl short on both days meant that Northumberland started with a handicap, having to concede the third girls doubles in all seven matches.  Nevertheless, North managed to score two good wins against Durham (9 games to 6) and against Borders (10 to 4).  A very close match against Lanarkshire was lost 7-8 where the conceded girls match was crucial but where several other matches were very close.  Overall, Yorkshire were clear winners, followed by West of Scotland and Cheshire.  Northumberland finished 6th of the 8 teams.

The Northumberland team, managed by Ken Conway, was Lauren Walker, Rebecca Stein, Neha Dhariwal, Annie Karn, Ira Banerjee, Amy Myers, Dan Conway, Usman Mahmood, Tom Appleyard, Aristo & Philip Pahatouridis, Jonny Gilchrist & Jishnu Bhattacharya.

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