Anglo-Scottish Under 16/17

The first of this season’s Yehlex Anglo-Scottish League team tournaments took place last weekend, 17/18th September at Tyneside Badminton Centre.  Most unfortunately, there were two late withdrawals of teams, leaving only Cheshire, Lothian and Lanarkshire to battle with home county Northumberland for the trophy.  Each team played the others twice over the two days and it was Cheshire who emerged triumphant and undefeated to take the cup for the first time.

Northumberland’s players all battled hard but found it difficult to register victories and it was the first match against Lanark which turned out to be the closest with the score at 6-9. Almost all the players gained wins over the weekend with Anna, George and Melvin producing strong returns.  Quite a number of our matches went to the tie-break, third end but we only managed to take wins from 8 of the 27 matches that went the full length.  The scorelines were particularly harsh in the first match with Lothian when all five third ends were lost and in the second match with Lanark when five of the six third ends were lost.

The team was: Abby Grogan, Anna Railton, Rachel Bogan, Rebecca Oakley & Sarah Bambrick, with invaluable support from Emma Shears & Maddy Atkinson (both of Durham); Andrew Hogg, Andrew Liang, Arif Alam, Christian Sharp, George Moran, Jack Thorpe, Joshua Xu, Matty Jerdan, Melvin Cherian & Neil Shi.

Finally, many thanks to Ellie Roberts, who did a great job managing the team over the weekend, and to the other older juniors and parents who supported her.

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