A Good Weekend for Under 19/20s and Under 14s

The annual Anglo-Scottish team event for the older juniors (1998 births or later) took place this weekend at the TBC.  Unfortunately, there had been two very late withdrawals which only left four teams but the schedule was revised so that they played each other twice.  Northumberland came through with credit, despite being short of girls, and finished second to a strong Yorkshire side.  There were double wins over both Lanark and Cumbria, although the latter on Saturday was perhaps a bit close for comfort.  The team performed brilliantly against Yorkshire to be six-all on games played in the first encounter, only losing because they were two girls short and had to concede three games.  The return against Yorkshire was not quite as close.  But have we ever won all six boys singles matches played in any match against Yorkshire!

As for our novice Under 14 team, they played their second match today against Lancashire2, scoring a very positive 10-all draw.  Considering that their first match, against Yorkshire 1 before Christmas, had ended in a whitewash, this was a really encouraging result and team manager Karen Davison was absolutey delighted.  Very well done to them.

Hopefully, fuller details will be posted later.

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