Junior Shires Matches

All 3 age groups of our Junior Teams played Shires Matches today.  

Our U15 team were at Tyneside BC playing Lancashire, whilst our U17 and U19s teams were at Pontefract playing Yorkshire.


U15  Northumberland 1 – Lancashire 19

U17 Northumberland 7 – Yorkshire 13

U19 Northumberland 11 – Yorkshire (2) 9

Huge thank you to parents of all our players for your support to us in fulfilling these fixtures.  

Thank you to the Team Managers

U15 – CK Kalluri; 

U17 – Peggy Osborn;

U19 – Karen Davison.

Well done to all our Junior players today with fantastic team performances. ?? 

Special mention to Ryan Cockett, Sophie Cockett and Chalida Prapunwong who played in both the U17 and U19s matches!!??