Tyneside Badminton Centre

Northumberland Badminton has received a huge boost with the opening of the new Tyneside Badminton Centre. Currently offering 3 high quality courts, 6 further courts are currently under construction and will be ready by August. The centre offers the following benefits:

  • Playing on a non-slip court
  • Playing on a sprung wooden surface
  • Net posts in the correct position (and they stay there)
  • Nets at the right height (and they stay there)
  • Consistent dark green background and no windows (so you can see the shuttle)
  • Lots of space around the courts
  • Heating!
  • Superb changing facilities
  • Café and Meeting room
  • Wifi












In the next two months a physiotherapy service, gym and a range of fitness classes will also be available.

Courts can be booked for clubs (St Gabriels, Jesmond Dene, British Telecom and the Tyneside Sharks are committed to the summer) or for individuals.

For more details, including court fees,  visit www.tynesidebadmintoncentre.co.uk

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