Tyne Team Tournament

Northumberland Badminton Association is proud to announce the fourth Tyne Team Tournament, which will be held at Tyneside Badminton Centre on Saturday 8th of November. As before the tournament will be a handicap tournament with club teams playing against each other for the Tyne Team Trophy. Based on a format similar to the Sudirman Cup, clubs will play against each other in matches made up of 5 rubbers (1 each of mens & ladies singles and doubles, and 1 mixed doubles), initially in groups, and then in a final knock out stage. Each rubber will be handicapped, based on the grading system, in a similar way to the Elmfield Cup. 

Once again we have limited to a maximum of 12 teams, so don’t delay with your team entry, get your team entered as soon as possible.
The first round of entries is now open, and will be open until midnight on Wednesday 29th October. This initial stage is limited to 1 team entry per club, and will be on a first come first served basis. This again will be on a first come first served basis. While the minimum number of players for a team is 4, we suggest you aim for at least 6 players to allow for any injury substitutions . As well as the usual winner and runner up prizes, there will also be a prize for the best supported team. There is no upper limit on the size of a team, and more players means more support for your team!
The entry fee per team will be £90, regardless of the size of the team. The tournament will start at 9am sharp, and will last all day. The draw will be published in advance, and team captains will be required to choose their first team in advance of the first match, to allow play to start on time on the day.
What do I need to do to enter?
Get at least 4, or preferably at least 6 players from your club that want to play (3 men, 3 women), and come up with a team name, if you want it to be different to your club name. All players must be full members of your club. Then decide on a captain for your team. Email these details to tournaments@northumberlandbadminton.org before midnight on Wednesday 29th of October. We’ll be in touch to confirm your entry when it is received. Your list of players can change between now and the tournament, so don’t worry if you need to add some players, or some drop out.
If you have any questions, please email tournaments@northumberlandbadminton.org.
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