Center Parcs Schools Competition first round results

Later this month will see the Tyne and Wear County Round for Center Parcs National Schools Championships.  Well done to Benfield, Heaton Manor, Sacred Heart, RGS, St Thomas More, Marden High, Whitley Bay High School, John Spence and Marden Middle who will all be playing in the next round.

Newcastle Results

KS 3 Boys – Benfield and Heaton Manor

KS4 Boys – Benfield and Heaton Manor

KS 3 Girls – Heaton Manor and Sacred Heart

KS4 Girls – Heaton Manor

North Tyneside Results

KS3 Boys – St Thomas More and Whitley Bay High School

KS4 Boys – St Thomas More and John Spence

KS3 Girls – St Thomas More and Marden Bridge Middle

KS4 Girls – Marden High School and John Spence

Newcastle Independent Schools

KS3 Boys – RGS

KS4 Boys – RGS

KS3 Girls – RGS

KS4 Girls – RGS

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