Badminton England Return To Play Guidance – June 2020

Badminton England have now released the guidance for ‘Phase 2’ of the Return to Play guidelines, which includes indoor badminton.
While they’re still waiting for a formal announcement from the Government on exactly when and how indoor sports facilities can re-open, it did reiterate its ambition to open the sport and leisure sector from 4th July.
Badminton England therefore want to give the badminton community as much time as possible, and all the resources required, to prepare for a return.

CLICK HERE to access the full resource bank of Return To Play information which includes:

  • Guidance documents for clubs, coaches & players
  • Infographics for Return To Play with key messages
  • Frequently Asked Questions with their accompanying answers
  • Downloadable resources, tools & support

Key Messages:
• Players from different households can play singles in groups of us to 6, as long as 2m social distancing is adhered to. You can have more than one group in a hall (this depends on the space available, your ability to maintain social distancing and the venue’s rules on the maximum numbers of people allowed in the sports hall) and players can rotate within their group but social distancing must be maintained and players cannot move groups within a session.
• Players within a group of 6 are able to share shuttles but no other equipment (e.g. rackets) can be shared between players
• If you are playing with people from a different household, only singles is allowed and there is no play at the net in the forecourt area, this is out of bounds in order to maintain social distancing
• You cannot play doubles unless each pair are from the same household. If both pairs are from different households, the forecourt area at the net is out of bounds (the same as singles with someone from outside your household)
• If you are playing with all people from the same household, you can play singles & doubles
• All equipment (e.g. shuttles) must be cleaned thoroughly after sessions
• Coaches can deliver sessions for up to 5 players from different households as long as the 2m social distancing is maintained. Players cannot move groups within a session, you can have more than one group in a hall but a coach cannot coach or lead the session for a second group in the same hall at the same time. However, two coaches could lead simultaneous sessions on adjacent courts. Coaches are permitted to coach one group and then coach another group afterwards.
• All clubs wishing to restart (and coaches starting to deliver sessions again) must appoint a COVID-19 Officer, must take bookings for sessions (players are not just able to turn up – our Discover Badminton tool is available for clubs to use to set up sessions, take bookings & payments) and must complete a COVID-19 specific risk assessment

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