2014 Tyne Team Tournament

Eight teams took to the courts at Tyneside Badminton Centre last weekend to fight for the honour of being the winner of the fourth annual Tyne Team Tournament.

Tyne Team 2014 Winners

Tyne Team 2014 Winners

2014 Tyne Team Runner Up

2014 Tyne Team Runner Up

The tournament involves team matches of 5 rubbers (2 singles. 2 doubles and a mixed doubles),  with each rubber being handicapped depending on the grades of the players. The teams were divided into 2 groups of 4 with the runners up and winners going forward into a semi final and then final.

This year the semis were between St Gabs, Odd Jobs, Elmfield Lightning and Telecom

St Gabs and Elmfield Lightning triumphed in the semis to set up a very exciting and closely matched final.  It was all square after the ladies and mens singles. Moving on to the doubles it was nail biting stuff with both rubbers going to a third end. Gabs ladies secured the win in the doubles and the young Elmfield Lightning men securing victory in the mens. This meant the match all came down to the final mixed game. Not to disappoint this game also went to 3 ends, with the wiley and experienced Renton and Porter finally closing the match out to bring the victory home to St Gabs for the second time in the Tournaments history.

An excellent day was had by all!!! Special thanks must go to NHIP’s Trevor Rutherford who provided sports injury treatments all day and a fantastic prize of treatments for the winning team. We are also grateful to Yehlex for their support of the tournament.

Don’t forget the next graded tournament is on the 7th of December At TBC. Entries open on the 16th of November. Please do not leave entries until the last minute.


Group A




Elmfield Lightning 4 – 1 Riverside

Telecom 4 – 1 Newcastle University

Elmfield Lightning 4 – 1 Telecom

Riverside 1 – 4 Newcastle University

Elmfield Lightning 4 – 1 Newcastle University

Riverside 0 – 5 Telecom




Elmfield Lightning


Newcastle University




Group B




Elmfield Thunder 5 – 0 NESLC

St Gabriels 4 – 1 Odd Jobs

Elmfield Thunder 1 – 4 St Gabriels

NESLC 1 – 4 Odd Jobs

Elmfield Thunder 2 – 3 Odd Jobs

NESLC 0 – 5 St Gabriels




St Gabriels

Odd Jobs

Elmfield Thunder




7th/8th Playoff


Riverside 4 – 1 NESLC


Semi Finals


Elmfield Lightning 3 – 1 Odd Jobs

St Gabriels 3 – 0 Telecom




St Gabriels 3 – 2 Elmfield Lightning

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