Mission, Values & Vision


To promote and develop the sport of Badminton in the County of Northumberland


Northumberland County Badminton Association promotes, facilitates and develops the playing of badminton regardless of age, race, gender or ability.


  • To increase the number of people playing badminton in schools, sports centres and in clubs and in the number affiliated to the Association.
  • To provide opportunities for all players to reach their maximum capability and be able to compete at higher levels.
  • To provide a range of opportunities for competitive play for all ages and abilities.
  • To build a team of dedicated volunteers to manage and support the work of the Association to help achieve its objectives.
  • To ensure adequate funding is available and invested wisely to support the aims of the Association.
  • To agree, implement and regularly review and update a five year Strategic Plan to improve and develop all the activities of the Association against which the Association’s business will be managed.

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