The area covered by NBA is the area within the boundaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside and Northumberland.


To promote, facilitate and develop the playing of badminton, by all ages and levels of ability, and to advance the interests of badminton generally.



a) Membership shall be open to all of the community and without discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, sex, age or disability, except as necessary consequent to the requirements of the game of badminton.

b) Membership of NBA shall be open to all individuals, bona-fide Badminton Clubs and educational establishments located within the NBA area and affiliated to BADMINTON England or, in special circumstances, to the Scottish Badminton Union.

c) Appropriate organised groups may also become members subject to approval by the Management Committee.

d) All members must adhere to the Constitution, Byelaws and all policies of NBA.

e) Any member may withdraw from NBA by giving notice in writing, but such notice will have no validity unless or until all sums due from the member are paid up.

f) A retiring member shall have no claim upon the funds of NBA.

g) Any member contravening article 4d may be expelled.

h) No Member club may accept any person from whom an unpaid subscription is due to any other Member club.

i) At all General Meetings held by NBA the voting rights of members are as follows:

  • Clubs, educational institutions and other organised groups have ONE vote
  • Individual members have NO vote
  • Voting by proxy shall not be permitted.
  • The Chairman shall have a casting vote.


a) NBA shall be affiliated to BADMINTON England and shall be subject to the rules, regulations and policies thereof, including Child Protection and Equity.

b) NBA adopts the Laws and Regulations of the Game as approved by BADMINTON England.


a) A General Meeting of the Members to be known as the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held at such time and place as may be fixed by the Management Committee. There will be an AGM at least once relating to each playing season.

b) Ordinary Resolutions relate only to the routine business of the Association. Special Resolutions relate to questions of principle or general policy and may vary, alter, amend or add to the Constitution or Byelaws or Special Resolutions previously passed.

c) Ordinary Resolutions shall be binding on all Members whether present or absent. Voting on Ordinary Resolutions shall in the first instance be by a show of hands, and such Resolutions shall be declared carried if supported by a majority of the votes cast.

d) Special Resolutions shall be binding on all Members, whether present or absent only if the matters to which they relate have been fully discussed at a meeting after at least seven days’ notice that such matters will be submitted for consideration. Voting on Special Resolutions shall in the first instance be by a show of hands, and such Resolutions shall be declared carried if supported by two-thirds or more of the votes cast.

e) NBA shall have full powers to make Bye-Laws and Regulations as it may think proper for the conduct of its affairs and for carrying out its objectives, and from time to time to alter, vary, amend or add to the same. Its powers shall be exercised by means of Ordinary and Special Resolutions duly passed at General Meetings of the Members but if provided in such Resolutions, its powers may be delegated to Committees, Sub-Committees, and groups.


a) The affairs of NBA shall be managed by a Management Committee, supported by a number of Sub-committees. The Management Committee shall comprise the Officers of NBA who shall all be elected annually by the AGM. The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt further members.

b) The Main Officers of the Association shall be President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. No individual may hold more than one of the offices of Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer. Other Officers may include Vice Chairman, Child Welfare Officer, Coaching Co-ordinator, Competition Co-ordinator, Schools Co-ordinator, Clubs Co-ordinator, Business Co-ordinator, Assistant Secretary, BE Council Representative, Registration Secretary, Senior Leagues Secretary and any other Officers deemed from time to time necessary.

c) The Management Committee shall have the power to set up Sub-committees and to delegate specified areas of responsibility to each Sub-committee; to create functional posts and to appoint these post-holders.

d) The President and Chairman of NBA shall be ex officio members of all Sub-committees but shall have no right to vote.

e) Each Sub-committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members as required and to set up Groups for specific events/purposes. Each Sub-committee shall meet on a regular basis and shall report to the Management Committee.

f) At all Meetings of the Management Committee, Sub-committees or Groups, each member present shall be entitled to one vote. The Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to his vote as a member.


a) The Management Committee has responsibility for managing the Association’s finances and ensuring that funds are used in the best interest of the Association in order to further its aims and objectives as set out in article 3.

b) The Hon. Treasurer shall submit to the AGM for approval the Accounts of the Association, duly audited by the Auditor who shall be elected at the AGM and who shall not be a member of the Management Committee.

c) If, upon the winding up or dissolution of NBA, there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions having objectives similar to the objectives of NBA, such institution or institutions to be determined by a simple majority of the Members of NBA at or before the time of dissolution, and in so far as effect cannot be given to such provisions then to some charitable object.



a) NBA agrees to adopt the BADMINTON England Child Protection Policy and Implementation Procedures.

b) All individuals at all levels involved in Badminton through NBA must abide by BADMINTON England’s Child Protection Policy and the Code of Ethics and Conduct (‘the code’) and all individuals, by participating or being involved in Badminton through NBA are deemed to have assented to and thereby adhere to the principles and responsibilities embodied in these documents.

c) Each and every constituent member of NBA including, without limitation, all clubs and leagues shall be responsible for the implementation of the Child Protection Policy and Procedures in Badminton in relation to their individual members.

d) Any act, statement or other behaviour that harms a child or group of children or poses a risk of harm to a child or group of children shall constitute conduct that is improper and thereby brings Badminton into disrepute. Such conduct will be dealt with, at an appropriate level, through the Disciplinary Procedure.


NBA shall from time to time appoint Vice Presidents. These posts shall be honorary and permanent and shall be awarded to individuals who have given outstanding service to the County over a considerable period of time. Proposals shall be made by the Management Committee and approved by the AGM. Vice Presidents shall have the right to attend Management Committee meetings, but shall have no right to vote.

3 BADMINTON England Regional Officer

The BADMINTON England Regional Officer for Northumberland shall be invited to attend Management Committee and appropriate Sub-committee Meetings, but shall have no right to vote.


a) The Hon Secretary shall convene the AGM on a date agreed by the Management Committee and shall initially inform all Members at least 28 days in advance. The Agenda for the AGM shall include: election of Officers; election of additional Management Committee Members; receipt and approval of annual accounts; election of Auditor; receipt of reports; matters raised by Members. Nominations for office may be proposed by the Management Committee or by Members. Proposals from Members relating (1) to nominations for office must be seconded by one other member or (2) to changes in the Constitution must be seconded by two other Members. Any such proposal from Members must be sent in writing to the Hon Secretary no later than 21 days in advance of the AGM, in order that the Agenda can be prepared and distributed to Members, giving at least fourteen clear days notice. Any Member wishing to raise a matter at the AGM must inform the Hon Secretary in writing to that effect at least seven days prior to the meeting.

b) The Hon Secretary shall convene an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting upon receipt of a request in writing from five Members. The Hon Secretary shall give seven clear days notice of such Meeting and shall specify the purpose for which it is called. The Management Committee is also empowered to convene an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting.

c) Individual Members and up to two representatives from each Member Club/Group shall be invited to attend all General Meetings of the Association.

d) At General Meetings of NBA, one third of the total voting Members shall constitute a quorum.

e) Minutes shall be taken of the proceedings of Meetings of the Association, the Management Committees, Sub-committees and Groups, and shall be approved at the next Meeting of such body.

f) The Management Committee shall meet not less than four times per year. Five Members present shall form a quorum.

g) The Sub-committees shall meet not less than four times per year at appropriate intervals in order to be able to report to the next following Management Committee meeting.

h) The Sub-committees shall have full powers to carry out their mandate within an approved budget.


The Annual Subscription or other Annual Contributions due by the Members to NBA shall be recommended by the Hon Treasurer and approved by the AGM, and shall be payable before 1st October in each year.



NBA shall have the power and authority to manage the hiring out of courts at venues where NBA owns or leases the court time, and to set appropriate charges and conditions for such hire.



a) The Treasurer shall prepare accounts on an annual basis showing under appropriate headings the Income and Expenditure of the Association. A Statement of Accounts shall be made up to 4th April each year and shall be presented to the Management Committee for approval before presentation to the AGM.

b) These accounts shall be certified by the elected Auditor.


The Constitution and Byelaws as set forth above shall take effect as from 22 May 2011

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