2013 Minutes


The Chairman, Mr Dennis Gray, welcomed those present to the AGM of Northumberland Badminton Association. He also welcomed everyone to the new venue and said that a tour of the facilities would be provided after the AGM for anyone interested.

PRESENT Representatives of the following Northumberland clubs: ABC, Blyth Tynedale, Elmfield, Hexham, Jesmond Dene, NCBC, NELSC, Newcastle Telecom, Newcastle University, the Northumberland Club, Morpeth Riverside, St Gabriels, Wallsend Bewicke.
Management Committee members – Mr R Pearson (President), Mr D Gray (Chairman), Mr S Abbott (Vice Chairman), Mrs N Waterfield (Secretary), Miss J Brown (Treasurer), Mr S Porter, Mrs A Thompson, Mr M Waterfield.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Mr I Ferguson (Hon Vice President), Mrs M Burgess (St Gabriels BC), Mr R Taylor (Management Committee), Whitley Chapel BC, and Mr N Rimmer, BADMINTON England’s Regional Manager for the new North Region.


The Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting, held on Sunday 29 April 2012, were approved as a true record of the proceedings and were duly signed by the Chairman.


The Chairman commented that a lot of work had gone into the preparation of the Annual Report which was quite lengthy. The Report reflected the huge amount of work that had gone on throughout the County during the preceding season. Mr Gray made a plea for more volunteers, however small the amount of time they could offer. Mr Gray informed the meeting that as last year, the Accounts would be ready for approval at the EGM to be held in September, immediately before the League Fixtures meeting. He then asked if anyone had any questions to ask. The representative from Jesmond Dene (Mr P Deeble) commented on an anomaly in the results in Mixed A. Mr Abbott responded by saying that the Competitive Play Sub-committee would review the scoring system for the leagues for 2013-14.

The Annual Report was approved and adopted by the meeting.


The Chairman informed the meeting that the County had made a loss during each of the last few seasons. County fees had increased very little over previous years, and the Management Committee felt that there should be a significant increase in fees for 2013-14. An increase of £1 to £4 per club member was recommended by the Committee. This was unanimously approved by the meeting.


Nominations for the positions on the Management Committee had been circulated before the AGM. There were two recent additional nominations for the vacant post of Coaching Co-ordinator – Rob Wetherell (Head Coach of the Performance Centre) and Steve Sharp (Coach based in North Tyneside). Both had agreed to be nominated as joint Coaching Co-ordinators and had already been working well together running highly successful and over-subscribed CPD courses for teachers. All nominations were approved en bloc as per the circulated list with the addition of the Coaching Co-ordinator nominations. The Chairman pointed out that the Management Committee was not “a closed shop” and nominations from clubs were very welcome. The Management Committee can co-opt additional members, and there are places on Sub-committees also. The Chairman made a plea for members who would like to get involved to contact the Chairman or the Secretary.

Officers elected:
President – Bob Pearson
Chairman – Dennis Gray
Secretary – Norma Waterfield
Treasurer – Julie Brown
Vice Chairman, Competition Co-ordinator, and BE General Meetings Delegate – Steve Abbott
Business Co-ordinator and Junior County Co-ordinator – Richard Taylor
Clubs Co-ordinator – Steve Porter
Coaching Co-ordinators (jointly) – Rob Wetherell, Steve Sharp
Schools Co-ordinator – Dorothy Chipchase
Assistant Secretary and Registration Secretary – Mike Waterfield
Senior Leagues Secretary – Alison Thompson
Child Welfare Officer– Mike Woodward


The Chairman pointed out that Miss L Edwards, until 31 March BADMINTON England’s Regional Officer for Northumberland, had written about the restructure in her contribution to the Annual Report. Mr Gray added:
• The new Sport England targets focused on 14+ age group and mass participation amongst adults.
• 8 Regions had been reduced to 5, with the new North Region covering Northumberland, Durham, Teesside, Cumbria, Lancashire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester.
• New appointments were – Partnership Manager (dealing with CBNs and Performance Centres) – Lynsey Edwards; Participation Manager (dealing with participation programmes in leisure centres and Local Authorities) – Rachel Frobisher (formerly Regional Officer for Durham); Workforce Officer (dealing with Coach Education and deployment and volunteers) – Leah Singleton (from Cheshire); Regional Manager – Nick Rimmer, based in Lancashire. It was likely that we would see little of these people – they have a huge area to cover.
• A few “core cities” that BE would be working with included Newcastle.
• BE would be working with a reduced number of CBNs – including North Tyneside, Tynedale and Newcastle.
• The new post holders were currently conducting audits of e.g. current badminton activity in leisure centres.
• If as a County we can work well with the new Workforce Officer, NBA may well look at having its own Volunteer Co-ordinator to help get more volunteers, especially parents, involved. Mr Abbott pointed out that BE had set up a new Volunteer Portal, which at the moment was for events only, but this had already been extremely popular.
• Whilst Sport England was focusing on the 14+ age range, NBA will very much be focusing on juniors, the future of our sport. An exciting Primary School project is about to be rolled out, linked to Satellite Clubs based in selected High Schools and hopefully supported by Premier League 4 Sport and the County Sports Partnership. NBA hopes that this will lead to a large increase in the number of children involved in badminton and feeding into after-school clubs, community junior clubs and then the Performance Centre for those talented enough. The project will first start in North Tyneside where initial feedback is excellent, then spread to Newcastle and other parts of the County.


• Mr Abbott outlined how the non-profit making CIC had obtained the existing premises – now called the Tyneside Badminton Centre (TBC), leased from Newcastle City Council – and how the building (with a 3 court sports hall and ancillary rooms including a café area) was currently being refurbished. A new 6 court hall (international standard) was under construction, with building work on schedule for completion by 2nd August.
• Mr Gray pointed out that NBA was moving its base from Benfield, but was not part of the CIC. NBA would be hiring courts from the CIC. All tournaments and County matches would move to the new centre. So far 3 clubs would be moving also – St Gabriels, Telecom and Jesmond Dene. The centre would have on-site stringing 3 days a week and catering provided for tournaments. Already physiotherapists were occupying their new suite of rooms and a gym was to be installed soon. Benfield School and the Sports Centre there were both still keen to support badminton. NBA hopes that the excellent TBC will be a catalyst for badminton in the area.


None had been received by the Secretary prior to the AGM. From those present the following points were raised:

1. Mr Waterfield outlined BE’s new Affiliation Fees structure – £12 for an adult member (an increase of £1) and £3 per junior member (a reduction of £2.50). An adult club would need to pay £3 for a junior member to BE and £4 to NBA. However the one-off fee for a whole junior club had now been removed and junior players in these clubs will need to be registered and affiliated individually with BE, each paying a £3 affiliation fee. However, there will continue to be no NBA Affiliation Fees for individual junior clubs.
2. Mr Murphy (St Gabriels) queried the fact that where a club would have 2 teams in the same division in the league if its team wins the lower division, there is no reward for this achievement as the team cannot be promoted due to the current rule not allowing 2 teams in a division. This matter had already been raised at a Clubs Sub-committee meeting, and the Chairman suggested that it be further debated at the next meeting, after which, if agreed, it could be taken to the Competitive Play Sub-committee for consideration.
3. Mrs Waterfield informed the meeting that sadly 2 clubs had folded – one of our Premier Clubs, Whitley Bay BC, and also the North Tyneside Women and Girls Club. However on a positive note there could be some new clubs in the leagues next season – ABC, Hotspur BC in Alnwick, and a Walbottle adult group which Phil Hall would hopefully be affiliating as a new club.
4. Mr Abbott informed the meeting that there would be new competitions for clubs in the TBC. Mrs Waterfield reported how successful 3 adult (16+) social tournaments had been in North Tyneside – aimed at the non-league player and casual/social player, they had been extremely popular and each had attracted around 60 competitors.


1. The Chairman stated that any volunteer with a paintbrush would be most welcome at the TBC!

As there was no further business, the Chairman declared the AGM closed. He thanked everyone for attending and wished everyone a good summer and all clubs good luck for next season. He then invited anyone interested to have a tour of the TBC.


Mrs Chipchase has been considering her position as Schools Co-ordinator, and has decided to resign. As noted in the Annual Report, the Schools Sub-committee will be reviewed by the Management Committee in the near future.

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