The Badminton World Federation have produced free resources that can be used in Schools by both teachers and students. Come back to this page over the next few weeks as we will be providing links on this page so you can access these resources from here.

BWF Shuttle Time Media Release

Shuttle Time Schools Badminton Programme

Teachers Manual Module 1 Getting Started

Teachers Manual Module 2 Materials and Content (Programme overview)

Teachers Manual Module 3 Managing Groups

Teachers Manual Module 4 Physical Development Exercises

Modules 5, 6, 7, 8 contain the key teaching content of shuttle time. These modules have lesson plans and video clips housed in a directory to show the activities in each lesson.

Teachers Manual Module 5  10 Starter lesson

Lesson Plans 10 Starter Lessons

Module 5 video clips

L1V1 balloon Tap    L1V2 Balloon Tap Relay Game         L1V3 Backhand Thumb Grip with Balloon     L1V4 Forehand Basic V Grip with Balloon     L1V5 Grip Change with Balloon

L2V1 Mirror Chase    L2V2 Mirror Chase with Throwing   L2V3 Grip Change Tic-Toc              L2V4 Grip Change with Shuttle    L2V5 Hitting with Change of Grips

L3V1 Balance and Throw    L3V2 Balancing Shuttles    L3V3 Having a Lunge                            L3V4 Introduction Net shots Backhand and Forehand   L3V5 Playing a Net Rally

L4V1 Balance Exercise    L4V2 Happy Feet    L4V3 Chasse Steps for Net Play                            L4V4 Playing a Net Rally

L5V1 Tapping Game    L5V2 Chasse Game    L5V3 Chasse and Hit Forehand Side                    L5V4 Chasse and Hit Backhand Side    L5V5 Group feed with Choice

L6V1 Statues    L6V2 Net King    L6V3 Table Tennis Style Net Doubles                                        L6V4 Merry-Go-Round

L7V1 Racket and Shuttles Relays    L7V2 Keep the Shuttle Up Thumb Grip

Teachers Manual Module 6  Swing and Throw     Lesson Plans Swing and Throw

Teachers Manual Module 7  Throw and hit           Lesson Plans Throw and Hit

Teachers Manual Module 8   Learn to Win           Lesson Plans Learn to Win

Teachers Manual Module 9 How to Organise competitions

Teachers Manual Module 10 Simplified Rules of Badminton