FULL COLOURS are awarded for the age groups up to U21.
HALF COLOURS are generally awarded for the age groups Under 16 and younger. In exceptional circumstances, for example in the case of older players who are new to the County squads, they may be awarded to Under 17s and older.


The award of junior colours is made at the end of each season based on the following criteria:

  • Playing for County teams over more than one season;
  • Performing with some degree of merit in both County matches and, as representatives of Northumberland, in individual tournaments; and
  • Showing serious commitment to County junior badminton, at County squads, practices, team matches and tournaments.

The award of County Colours was re-introduced in 2006. Winners of the awards are:

2018/19 Arif Alam, Melvin Cherian, Vikram Nayyar Amy Ward, Charlotte Graham, Dominic Wilson-Baker, Ellen Davison, Finlay Smith, James Dodd, Lucy Dodd, Mark Walker, Matthew Short, Natalie Ho, Tim Bodani
2017/18 Anna Railton, Rachel Bogan, Sarah Bambrick, George Moran Arif Alam, Jack Thorpe
2016/17 Jamie Tinnion Matty Jerdan
2015/16 Emily Harrison Rachel Bogan, Sarah Bambrick, Andrew Hogg, Andrew Liang, Melvin Cherian
2014/15 Ellie Roberts, Ashraf Alam, David Murray, Gyan Chadda, Jonathan Elsdon Anna Railton, Emily Harrison, Lexie Howard, Alex Jay, Andrew Howard, George Moran, Jamie Tinnion
2013/14 Annie Karn, Robyn Luckley, Sarah Wilson, Philip Pahatouridis Ellie Roberts, Ashraf Alam, David Murray, Gyan Chadda, Jonathan Elsdon
2012/13 Garrylee McMullen, Ruiao Hu Megan Porter, Robyn Luckley, Sarah Wilson, Zarius Ferozepurwalla
2011/12 Jishnu Bhattacharya, Jonathon Gilchris Hannah Charlton, Garrylee Mcmullen, Stephen Allan
2010/11 Ira Banerjee, Lauren Walker, Rebecca Stein, Daniel Conway Alisha Isran,i Annie Karn, Jishnu Bhattacharya, Jonathon Gilchrist, Sean Telford, Ruiao Hu
2009/10 Katherine Tyler, Alex Brown, Ben Mellish, Ryan Jelley Neha Dhariwal, Jayne Oswald, Amit Chaudhari, Philip Pahatouridis
2008/09 Mayank Banerjee, Tom Appleyard Rachael Oswald, Rebecca Stein, Aristo Pahatouridis, Ryan Jelley, Ryan Quinn
2007/08 Victoria Brewis, Emma Reaston, Steven Gibbons, Ben Oakley Iran Banerjee, Alex Brown, Kerry Meyers, Lauren Walke,r Jessica Wright, Mo Ahmed, Toby Hovells, Daniel Conway
2006/07 None Victoria Brewis, Eleanor Laws, Emma Reaston, Katherine Tyler, Tom Appleyard, Jeremy Green, Ben Mellish, Sam Mellish, Ben Oakley
2005/06 Amy Hall, Angela Kirkbride, Claire Goodfellow, Gemma Hall, Sarah Taylor, Chris Goodfellow, Graeme Ogle, Hugh Woodford, Jack Davis, Matthew Ring, Patrick Garvey None




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