Junior County Restricted results

Results from the Junior Restricted held at Tyneside Badminton Centre last weekend. The winners of the U13/U15/U17/U19 events are listed below.


Girls Singles – Ellie Cockett

Open Singles – Aniruddh Kalluri

Girls Doubles – No event played

Open Doubles – Daniel Choy / Aniruddh Kalluri 

Mixed Doubles – Aniruddh Kalluri / Ellie Cockett


Girls Singles – Sophie Cockett

Open Singles – Sophie Cockett

Girls Doubles – Sophie Cockett / Ellen Hunter

Open Doubles – Charlie Sandeman / Jonathan Tosh

Mixed Doubles – Aryan Kalluri / Sophie Cockett


Girls Singles – Lucy Dodd

Open Singles – Lucy Dodd

Girls Doubles – No event played

Open Doubles – Ryan Cockett / Matthew Jefferson

Mixed Doubles  – Ryan Cockett / Lucy Dodd


Girls Singles – Lucy Dodd

Open Singles – Ryan Cockett

Girls Doubles – Lucy Dodd / Ellen Davison

Open Doubles – Ryan Cockett / Xuehan Zhang 

Mixed Doubles – Xuehan Zhang / Lucy Dodd 

Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone who entered and played. Great to see such a high entry. 

The Shires matches for all age groups, will start this month.  Anglo Scottish events, which are held at Tyneside Badminton in each age group are on the following dates. 

U17 – Sat 28th & Sun 29th Oct 

U19 – Sat 16th & Sun 17th Dec 

U15 – Sat 10th & Sun 11th Feb 

U13 – Sat 11th & Sun 12th May

If anyone would like to volunteer at these events, please contact us. 

Martin, Karen & Ellie

Performance Centre Coaching  Team