Coaching Tip of the Month (April)

April Coaching Tip

This might be the biggest coaching tip you’ve ever had! The Badminton World Federation has produced a whole series of video clips, with the main focus being on technique and tactics. The clips are free and can be viewed by following the links at:

The clips are an invaluable resource for both players and coaches.

Featured stroke for this month: Backhand net lift

The clip is fairly self is self-explanatory.

The main mistakes made by players (and some coaches) on this stroke are:

Overemphasis on swinging from the shoulder. Long swings mean more can go wrong and extreme movement from the shoulder is nearly always unnecessary, even on the highest lifts. High lists certainly have a longer action than deceptive, flicked lifts, but the increase in movement is mainly an increase in rotation and elbow bend.

Hitting with a tight thumb grip, with the the racket face parallel to the net throughout, should be avoided as it can damage both the elbow and wrist joint and it is more difficult to hit cross-court without a significant change in action. Performed in this incorrect way, the stroke looks a bit like a cricket shot being hit  back over the bowlers head. Looking at the video clip, particularly the longer action at the end, if you were stood at the side of the player your would be able to see the racket strings at the end of the backswing and on the follow through. This reflects the use of arm rotation in the execution of the stroke, enabling the player to play both straight and cross-court with the same action and also protecting the elbow and wrist joint.

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